A vintage tea party

Charmed I’m sure…

An invitation to tea, how delightful.


Personalise your invitations and send to your guests…


Invitations can be purchased from Mulberry Muse etsy shop

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Late winter has seen an abundance of strawberries, they are so yummy.

I think a strawberry tart may be on on the menu!

The “strawberry” lettering, calligraphy, is my work, painted freehand with a brush and water colours.

Wendy Paula Patterson strawberries

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Tea at 4 o’clock, a vintage tea party

rosesA little tea party inspiration from my collection of vintage teacups.

Two of the teacups were found at a local flea market and are French hand painted

vintage Haviland china, very delicate and precious.

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Lemon week

LemonA few photographs from this weeks portfolio on Instagram, most were taken at home

but the beautiful building is in King Street, Newtown, in Sydney.

I love how the colours all work so beautifully.

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A latté a day

Wendy Paula Patterson latteA little latte to start the day, a hot milky coffee on a cold winter morning, bliss:)

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A gentle life

Wendy Paula Patterson


A few of the photographs I took this week on Instagram

My morning juice, tea party inspiration and creating a peaceful place to sit in the winter sunshine

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Lavender and Lace

Lavender and lace the inspiration for a new collection of note cards at Mulberry Muse



Much of my inspiration comes from the ephemera I have collected over the years.

I have a wonderful collection of French antique button cards and display

many of the prized ones in a vintage French lantern box  and a set of old desk drawers

together with an assortment of vintage lace, wooden spools, vintage and antique sewing ephemera.


sewing ephemeraxxx

sewing ephemera 2

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Love my latte and a good book

wendys coffee


cafe wendyvvv

My latte break and a beautiful coffee, bookstore sign, photograph taken in Paddington, Sydney.

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Creative juices, the juicy bits!

juicesCreativity does not run on an empty tummy, a few fun photographs from my juicy collection.

My day begins with a healthy freshly blended selection delicious fruit.

I love summer fruits best when mangoes are in season, yum:)

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A visit to The Society Inc Paddington

Having enjoyed reading some of the beautiful inspiring books by stylist Sibella Court

we decided to visit her wonderful terrace house shop in Paddington, Sydney, this weekend.

Set on the corner of a peaceful, leafy inner city street, with it’s double display windows

the shop instantly inspired the bower bird in me…





I found some lovely chalk for my blackboard, chalkboard art:)

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