Teddy bears and babies

I love teddy bears and have a small collection of precious bears some are almost as old as I am!

As we are to be Grandparents later this year, toys and baby things are on our minds quite a bit lately….

Wendy Paula Patterson Teddy Bear


10 years have passed since I designed the wrapping paper below for Taylorgraphics Pty Ltd

It was designed for baby boys and girls and features a teddy bear

illustrated in water colour, blue for boys and pink for girls.

Amazingly the wrapping paper and gift bags are still popular

and sold in shops and department stores around Australia today.

Wendy Paula Patterson Teddy Wrap


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  1. A big congratulations Wendy on your news! Tabitha did my lovely logo for me last year and I couldn’t help following her beautiful wedding blog..and now you are to be a grandmother! It’s like a fairytale finish! All the best!

  2. Oh my, you are becoming grandparents! Congratulations ; – )
    I’m not nearly there yet but already looking forward to the role.

    How interesting that the gift items are still available after all these years!