Sad… copyright infringement

For me the internet is a double edged sword, an inspiring way to showcase my work

but sadly a source of great distress as I find more and more

of my images taken and used without my permission.

Taken not just by individuals but big companies as well.

Because I live with a chronic disabling illness, ME, it is my only realistic way to be

able to get my work seen and earn a modest income.

I am feeling so discouraged by finding yet more of my work blatantly taken

and used by other people for profit.

As an example I have shown in the images below the amount of work

and creative effort that is put into my designs.

The first image is of a fashion plate that is freely available for use online.

The second image is my reworking of that fashion plate.

As you can see the ladies face has been completely repainted, her clothing re coloured,

meticulously retouched and other items added to the pose.

This does not happen in a few minutes,

the work takes many hours and requires patience, talent and ability.

If you see my image offered as a free printable or part of a derivative work, it is a copyright infringement.

It is the copyrighted original hard work of Wendy Paula Patterson

My work Wendy Paula Patterson


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