Old Melbourne

A recent visit to Melbourne fueled my passion for old buildings,
especially from the Victorian era. Sadly too much of the stunning architecture 
and our history is being lost to time, decay and modern developers.
Quotes from "A dictionary of Idiocy" by author Stephen Bayley sum up my feelings perfectly.
"Post-modernism has been most influential in architecture where its presence 
can be identified by gaudy colours, facetious decoration, irrational shapes which confer 
on buildings the ability to become tiresome very quickly. 
Modern architecture, however, has now become an all but meaningless notion."
"It also lacks emotion and wider meaning, indulging too often in gratuitous shape making.
Modern buildings tend to be architectural one-liners." 
"Modernists are enemies of traditions and heritage"
Stephen Bayley "A dictionary of Idiocy"
These are a few images from my own collection of photographs taken in Melbourne.
 The City of Melbourne Building, Elizabeth Street, my most favourite building.
Flinders Street Station
Building in Fitzroy
House in Richmond
House in Richmond
Villa Donati Richmond, our beautiful Hotel.
Melbourne Tram
All photographs by Wendy Paula and Kevin James Patterson 
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