Paris l’Éléphant de la Bastille

Inspired by The Elephant of the Bastille, a monument in Paris that existed between 1813 and 1846,


l’Éléphant de la Bastille (1809-1810)

Musée du Louvre, Paris

a new collection of designs rapidly began to form in my mind this week.

I love it when a inspiration strikes this way and gives birth to many new ideas.

Here are the first few designs I have now listed in my shops Café Baudelaire and Mulberry Muse.

they are available as cards and prints

Paris elephant

l’Éléphant  cards from Mulberry Muse

Paris deer on sofa

Deer on French Sofa from Mulberry Muse

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Marie Antoinette tea party invitations

Marie rose Wallpaper Tea Wendy Patterson 2013Marie Antoinette vintage rose wallpaper tea party invitations from Mulberry Muse

Marie High Tea inviteMarie Antoinette high tea invitations from Mulberry Muse

Marie Petite trianon invitesMarie Antoinette vintage wallpaper teacup invitations from Mulberry Muse

Rosebower invitation Wendy Paula PattersonMarie Antoinette rose bower tea party invitations from Mulberry Muse

We have a wonderful collection of tea party invitations to choose from at Mulberry Muse.

We have Alice in Wonderland, Jane Austen and the ever popular Marie Antoinette themed cards.

Please pop in a join us for a cup of tea and piece of cake, we would love to see you…

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Bunny rabbit tea time Easter card and photoshop techniques

Bunny dear my dearLord Peter and Lady Beatrice Bunny taking tea in the garden.

A little fun greeting card I designed for Easter, a little late I know…

but a vintage Easter bunny postcard inspired this picture.

This is the little bunny featured in my picture, Lord Peter bunny.

Bunny monicle

and this is the original bunny postcard he was created from


Using photoshop I spent hours happily removing the old background and reworking

the bunny image into my little Lord Peter.

Lady Beatrice had a similar makeover and a new bonnet for Easter.

Lord Peter needed work on his eyes to give them character, the addition of a monocle

was an irresistible extra for cuteness. With his spiffy bow tie and teacup he looks adorable.

I also designed the wallpaper border using a water colour repeat pattern that I had painted.

This is an example of how I blend together old images and new artwork.
I have posted this as I wanted to share a little insight into the amount of work that goes into

each and every card design I create for Mulberry Muse:)

You can buy the card,  gift tags and stickers here at Mulberry Muse

bunny monocle tag


Wendy x

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