Old Melbourne

A recent visit to Melbourne fueled my passion for old buildings,
especially from the Victorian era. Sadly too much of the stunning architecture 
and our history is being lost to time, decay and modern developers.
Quotes from "A dictionary of Idiocy" by author Stephen Bayley sum up my feelings perfectly.
"Post-modernism has been most influential in architecture where its presence 
can be identified by gaudy colours, facetious decoration, irrational shapes which confer 
on buildings the ability to become tiresome very quickly. 
Modern architecture, however, has now become an all but meaningless notion."
"It also lacks emotion and wider meaning, indulging too often in gratuitous shape making.
Modern buildings tend to be architectural one-liners." 
"Modernists are enemies of traditions and heritage"
Stephen Bayley "A dictionary of Idiocy"
These are a few images from my own collection of photographs taken in Melbourne.
 The City of Melbourne Building, Elizabeth Street, my most favourite building.
Flinders Street Station
Building in Fitzroy
House in Richmond
House in Richmond
Villa Donati Richmond, our beautiful Hotel.
Melbourne Tram
All photographs by Wendy Paula and Kevin James Patterson 
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Vintage Charm Handmade Monthly Calendar

Vintage Charm monthly wall calendar featuring a beautiful selection 
of my French vintage style collage prints, available from Mulberry Muse shop.
This is a monthly calendar, a perpetual calendar, that can be used for any year, 
no need to wait for 2013 you can enjoy this calendar right away, 
just pencil in your dates in the little squares.

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Le Secret Notebooks and Calendar

Marie Antoinette Le Secret a long time favourite design with customers.
 Printed professionally on notebooks, journals and in the charming vintage style 2013 Calendar 
Available from Korsch Verlag Publishers and on Amazon
She is still on handmade products in our shops Cafe Baudelaire and Mulberry Muse
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Christmas Holiday Cards in store at Mulberry Muse

We have some beautiful new Christmas holiday cards and gift tags 
in our shop at Mulberry Muse 
Just in time for those of you who like to be organised and shop early!
We have also reprinted many of your old favourites for the holiday season:)

We are introducing a new colour Moleskine journal, grey or gray.
I personally love this new colour and have listed a few journals, perfect for gift giving.

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Published Journals, Notebooks and Dairies, Timer, for 2013

I am delighted to share some photographs of my recently published journals, notebooks and diaries, Timer, for 2013. They have been beautifully produced by my publisher Korsch Verlag.
The 2013 Diaries are premium quality hard cover books foiled and embossed.
They can be purchased from bookstores in Europe and online at Amazon A 2013 gallery calendar is also available from Amazon
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My first Gallery Art Calendar Published!

It is so exciting to see my first professionally published  
Vintage Charme 2013 Kunst Gallery Calendar
Now available in shops and bookstores throughout Europe and also available online at Amazon.
It was published by Korsch Verlag the same wonderful company that published my first book.
There are also diaries and notebooks which I will reveal later, it has been a very hectic few weeks!
Here are a few designs from the pages of the 2013 calendar.
The calendar is very big in size and the individual images can be framed after use:)
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